Monday, 26 March 2012

Essie Nail Polish Haul And Review

Hello lovelies!

 I thought I would let you in on what I've been going crazy for at the moment, nail varnish... I just can't stop myself from purchasing brands that I haven't tried before and even colours that I probably wont wear, whoops!

This is where my new Essie nail varnish collection comes in :)

Antique Rose

Essie Antique Rose is a warm orange toned colour with tiny specks of gold glitter, that if anything create more of a shimmer than a sparkle. Surprisingly it is quite a sheer polish and you'll need three coats to have an opaque finish. I definitely think this colour will look great on me when I have more of a tan!

Fair Game

Essie Fair Game is blue toned grey that does have a slight shimmer too it. You can easily get away with only applying two coats for this polish, I would say one coat however the polish does move around slightly leaving you with patches on the first coat. When the second coat is applied that is all taken care of, but it is only replaced by the slow drying time even with my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Aruba Blue

Well in all honesty I do not know why to start with Aruba Blue as I just adore this gorgeous colour so much! For a start it's a frosty sapphire blue, but in different lights you can catch a shimmer of turquoise. The colour applies best out all for of these polishes as it spreads across the nail in a thin even coat, that after two coats doesn't make it look like you have seven coats of polish piled on top of each other! I think for the spring/summer this polish is best applied on toe nails, especially if you're at the beach/on holiday, or on your finger nails during a night out.  

Demure Vixen 

Lastly we come to Demure Vixen which I would say is a mostly matte pinky nude, however Essie's website describe it as an iridescent cocoa mauve? I really think is a load crap as when applied to the nail and dried the polish has absolutely no iridescent from what I can see, it does have a slight cocoa hint but I really wouldn't say much not when on the nail anyway. Like the Aruba Blue, I also like how this applies smoothly on to the nail and doesn't go on thickly. I think this polish would great for work or school as I think it looks quite professional while still having tidy, painted nails!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

After hearing various bloggers talking about this delightful product I knew that I needed to pick it up, when I see 'needed' it might be the case that I could have lived without it and my life wouldn't have ended but hey I hate waiting for nails to dry as I always catch them! (I know in the pictures I have a few catches but when pussy cats want to be fed...). All I can say about this product is that it does the job exactly as its supposed to, applies easily and dries quickly!

So this is the end of todays post my lovelies but do keep an eye out for more up coming posts as I already have a few in the pipeline! :) x

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