Monday, 13 February 2012

What I Would Wear On Valentines

If I celebrated Valentines Day this would probably be what I would wear, unfortunately I don't. I think it is totally unfair on men and I hate how comercial it all is, I prefer to show the people I love by expressing through-out the whole year not just one day of it. However, when I put this outfit together I had in mind my 2 year anniversary with Joe next week :)

I'm sorry about how the quality of the pictures have all turned out, I really don't get how one week Polyvore makes the set one sizes and the next week it's completely different! Aggghhr, it grates at the OCD side of me to NO end :p

Is there anything you usually do on Valentines Day? Whether you're spending with your partner, your girlfriends, family or even just having a you day, please let me know!


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