Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bioderma Crealine H2O Review

As this is one of my favourite skin care products of all time (19 years or so…), I thought that it was about time I wrote a review for you guys :) 

After I heard A Model Recommends talking about Bioderma in one of her YouTube videos, I decided to see if Bioderma could be the product I had been looking for. When I say Bioderma I mean Bioderma Crealine H2O I encountered the same opinion all over the internet and found out it is especially big in the make-up artist industry, as it is great at removing all of your make-up (no panda eyes in the morning, whoop!). 

I also researched the ingredients that are used in Bioderma and discovered that it contains nothing that will irritate the skin. That was basically the decision made for me as not only was it a make-up remover but it was a cleanser that would not likely irritate my skin. 

That was about May of this year. A few months later and I’m now half way through my second bottle of Bioderma; I use it twice a day to cleanse and also to remove my make-up and oh my goodness does this stuff move make-up! All I do is put a little bit on a cotton pad and your done. I also love it because it doesn't leave my skin feeling dehydrated, as though it’s had the goodness sucked out of it. 

The only down side to speak of is that Bioderma isn't readily available in UK. You therefore have no choice but to purchase it over the internet at approximately £15, depending on which shop you buy it from. That said you do get a big 500ml bottle and a product you know is going to be kind to your skin! Here's a link to Guru Make Up Emporium where you buy this little gem of a product :) There are also various other bioderma products for different skin types from oily to mature, so why not check out the website Bioderma

I really think it is worth that few extra pounds. As skin products go, Bioderma is close to perfect and I would definitely suggest you give this product a try. Like many others I love, love, love this product!

Do you have any favourite skin care products you just love or maybe you have a different view on Bioderma? Please do let me know what you think :)

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