Friday, 3 June 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

So here are few snaps of my time at the zoo! The animals are so very beautiful that I wish I was so lucky  to them everyday! 

Baby elephants are the first animals we encountered at the zoo and one had recently given birth to two babies!

It was adorable to see the mum being so protective over her two young babies!

Tiger number two! It may not be the best of photos but this tiger is so beautiful I had to put this picture up! Definitely one of my favourite animals that I saw.

A Meerkat look for the little baby who ran away with his food! Another favourite of mine for sure, just wish I could see the one I had adopted!

I had the best day watching the animals, eating lunch and having the best ice cream I've ever had - which is something as I usually don't like ice cream at all! I would definitely recommend to everybody a trip to zoo especially if you need to be cheered up.
Until next time :)

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